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Please click the cover image above to view the October 1916 edition

The Horizon is our official magazine. It has been in continuous publication since October 1916 when its price was just one penny! Articles written in the first issue by Mary Glowrey, Anna Brennan and Eileen Fitzgerald would not have been out of place in the current edition of The Horizon.

The Horizon contains articles about current social questions, spiritual reflections and keeps our members up to date with the workings of the League at all levels—parish, diocesan, state, national, and international.

While looking forward to the future with confidence in our centenary year, we also continue to remember the past with gratitude and live the present with enthusiasm! Our “cover woman” for 2016 is our founding president, Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ, Servant of God. Her face is a collage of 5000 tiles utilising 542 images of Catholic Women’s League of Victoria members past and present. The image of Mary Glowrey was donated to the League by one of her relatives late last year.

Annual subscription to The Horizon is $20 for 10 copies. Postage is an additional $12 per year. If you would like to subscribe to The Horizon, please contact our editor, Jane Munro, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Wide Horizons

Our magazine was originally called “Women's Social Worker” but in 1924, its name was changed to “The Horizon”. Remarks made in the editorial at that time, about this name change, are still applicable to the work of the League today.

The horizon is the line where heaven and earth meet. The work of the League is at once the work of heaven and of earth:

“It seeks to make the earth fit for all souls and all souls fit for heaven. The League’s function then is that of a horizon. In it, earth touches heaven.”

“The Horizon ever marches onwards. As we progress, the Horizon progresses, and our ages embrace new prospects, wider fields, and newer summits. Is that not what we must do—keep our horizon as wide as our power of vision can encompass, and advance to embrace new plans, new endeavours, new achievements?”

“Out in the wide horizons, we see much, learn much, and do much.”