Saturday, 30 November 2013 11:22

Lively Discussion with Dr. Claudia Mollidor

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On Tuesday 12th November, Dr. Claudia Mollidor joined our Social Questions Committee to talk about her PhD research on the representations of teenage motherhood in the UK. Her work was based around the ‘Teenage Pregnancy Strategy’ and various policy updates published during the period of the strategy between 1999 and 2010. Although there was a strong focus in the policy regarding the reduction of teenage conceptions, Claudia’s work highlighted those aspects concerned with the support for teenage parents, in particular teenage mothers. In addition to analysing policy documents she also interviewed healthcare and social workers specialised to work with expecting or parenting teenagers, and teenage mothers themselves.

Claudia’s work highlighted helpful approaches towards recognising and representing teenage motherhood from the three perspectives of policy, practitioners and young mothers. In particular, her talk focused on the concepts of compassion, commitment, recognition of free will and empowerment. With powerful and moving quotations from the specialised midwives and young mothers Claudia worked with, she brought to life the lived experiences of those often constructed as a bio-medical and social ‘problems’.

There were numerous questions by the engaged audience and a lively discussion of her research, experience and findings, especially within the context of the wider social implications of a policy directive which constitutes teenage motherhood as problematic and the impact such rhetoric has on young women faced with decision making around their pregnancies.